Marie-Antoinette Collection


Imponderable Body Marie-Antoinette Collection made of lightweight translucent compressive fabric decorated with elastic lace builds up an effective inflexion of the body and the inserts with tightened pressure of compressive fabric Power-net of nude color let you sculpt the tummy and waist area. The elegant lace along the decollete line supports the breasts and lets you wear the Body together with the bra of the same collection and doesn’t give the feeling of multilayer. Body Marie-Antoinette Collection will take you to the world of luxury, beauty and elegance.

Comfort Bra

A unique Comfort Bra Marie-Antoinette Collection is the combination of the supporting option for the breasts without underwire and the charm of the design. The wide velvet tape of the trim and the straps creates an original decollete shape. The zipper is in front. The design was created specially for big size and implanted breasts that need a peculiar underwear. A nice design of the elastic lace facing the cups of nude color and the back section of the bra give a luxurious fashion to this wonderful bra.

Push-up Bra

An exclusive design of the underwire bra gives the push-up effect without special pads. The bra cups have elastic lace facing that gives a translucent effect. Adjustable velvet straps give more comfortable boost, load dispatching and original design. The buckle is in front that accents your individuality and make the process of dressing and undressing more comfortable. The charm of the French chic is the main theme of the Push-up Bra Le Journal Marie-Antoinette Collection.


The Dress with a tighten effect made of translucent strong compressive knitted fabric in combination with the secret extra compressive inserts at the tummy and hips area decorated with original design lace and velvet tape will be an exclusive article of clothing for a glamour woman. Due to the color scheme of the compressive fabric and body color the extra lace facing inserts are invisible and the Dress has the transparent effect. The elastic lace of the bust area and the supporting effect of the velvet slightly tensile tape let to wear this Dress with the bra of the same Marie-Antoinette Collection without the feeling of multilayer or without extra accessories creating a seductive shape.


Suspenders Marie-Antoinette Collection have the real French chic. For the faithful admirers of French style and shaping lingerie lovers Le Journal brand offers an original accessory – shaping Suspenders. Compressive mesh knitted fabric Power-net tightening the tummy area and the velvet slightly tensile tape build up an original item combined the function of the suspenders and shaping effect. For special occasions.


Shaping Pants Le Journal Marie-Antoinette Collection underline the silhouette and hide the defects in the tummy and waist area. The pressing inserts made of compressive mesh fabric Power-net of nude color in combination with the velvet tape that giving the fancy design – the know-how of Le Journal brand – give the shaping effect to the Pants. This trick is the comfortable and effective instrument for your shaping.

High-wasted Panties

High-wasted Panties Marie-Antoinette Collection underline the female silhouette modelling the tummy, waist and hips area. Extra inserts of the strong compressive knitted fabric of nude color support the shaping effect. These inserts facing with elastic lace are invisible and the panties look like transparent lace underwear. The velvet slightly tensile tape is the supporting frame and the decorative element at the same time. The zipper at the side makes the process of dressing and undressing easier.